Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Radio interview on reformation, today at 1 PM

Paul Dean and Kevin Boling, hosts of the daily talk radio show, Calling for Truth, will interview me today at 1 PM Eastern time on their program. The topic will be working for reformation within the Southern Baptist Convention and beyond. You can listen to it live or find an archived version of it after today at the Calling for Truth website. Click on the "Listen Online" button on the top right. Or, if you are in the Greensville, SC area, you may listen at Christiantalk 660. The phone number to use in order to participate in the conversation is 1-888-660-WLFJ(9535).


Becca said...

the web streaming wouldn't work. :-P

sola truth said...

I was unable to steam the program.

Bill Moore said...


Thank you for doing the interview. I wish all SBC pastors would listen to what you said. It would clear up a great deal of confusion and misinformation.


Joshua Chavers said...

For some reason the live streaming webcast seemed to be down this afternoon, however the program is now available in the archive section @ Calling for Truth & at Sermonaudio.com . Great words indeed Dr. Ascol. As always, your example is very encouraging and full of hope. Often, the signs in the SBC point to the opposite. And as one who has been in the trenches for longer than many of us, you should have many reasons to be discouraged. Yet, your faithfulness and commitment to truth serves as a model for the younger crowd as to how we should too persevere.
Thank you for your faithfulness, hope, and joy that is expressed in your words and on this blog. God bless,

WorshipLeader said...

I'm looking foreward to hearing your interview this evening.

I was wondering if you had read Frank Paige's recent interview in the Florida Baptist Witness linked at Dr. Mohler's Conventional Thinking blog? If you have what are your thoughts on his comments about calvinism and the alcohol ammendment?

Thank you so much for your wisdom. This blog has been a blessing to me. Thank you.

sola truth said...

I truly appreciate your demonstration of grace and kindness during the broadcast. Thank you for your example for all of us to follow. Your Website is a real blessing to me.
You discussed at the end of the broadcast the interview that Florida Baptist Witness had with Dr. Page. Regarding that interview I would like to ask if you would share your thoughts regarding that interview in which the following was stated:"As to the IMB’s baptism guideline, while Page said he was not familiar with the details, he affirmed that he believes re-baptism is necessary in the case of a person who was baptized by immersion following salvation in a church with “incorrect theology,” including one which rejected eternal security of the believer -— which is the requirement of the IMB baptism guideline."
What is "incorrect theology" and who is going to define it? I realize incorrect theology exists but it makes me somewhat uncomfortable telling someone there baptism wasn't valid.

Tom said...

To all:

Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. Kevin Boling and Paul Dean, the hosts of the show, are so good at what they do and set a very gracious tone even when dealing with controversial issues. It is great to be interviewed by them.

I did get a question or two at the end about Dr. Frank Page's comments on Calvinism. I have previously offered a pointed critique of his book on this blog. Obviously, I disagree with Dr. Page about this, but I greatly appreciate his spirit and his recent comments that some of the things he wrote in his book are not necessary true of all who hold to the doctrines of grace.

Regarding the IMB policy on baptism, I have addressed that also in previous blog posts. While I appreciate the concern behind the policy, the way that it is worded strikes me as problematic (as I indicated in those earlier posts).

GeneMBridges said...


For a detailed look at those policies see:


MarieP said...

Dr. Ascol,

Have you asked Tommy French yet about his statement on evangelizing those on the church rolls? I enjoyed listening to the broadcast.