Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday is for Photos, July 21, 2006

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This rose graced my wife's rose garden in our back yard two weeks ago. We are in the rainy season in Southwest Florida and my daughter, Rebecca, took this shot minutes after a downpour.


Andrew said...

you can tell Bec that that is a beautiful shot. :-)

C. T. Lillies said...

Do you happen to know what variety that is? Just about any rose looks good after a rain but that's got a nice color to it.


Tom said...


My wife tells me that is a "Don Juan" rose.

C. T. Lillies said...

Thank you sir.


peter lumpkins said...

Dear Dr. Ascol,

Hey! I always enjoy your pics. Is photography a geniune hobby of yours?

Have a great weekend. With that, I am...


Elias said...

Nice rose.

So what's your thoughts on the Caner/White debate?

SavedandSure said...

Some people have spent their entire lives studying the flower named ROSE.

I once met such a person and enjoyed her vast knowledge of the flower ~ and used her knowledge to introduce her to the Creator of the flower.

Starting almost anywhere with any subject we can point others to the sovereign Lord of His universe.

Did not Paul do that at Athens many years ago?

Acts 20:24

C. T. Lillies said...

Tom, all:

I like roses and try to plant some to cut for my wife where ever we live. I've planted Don Juan (a climber) but never got to see it go. I took the Ingrid Bergman with us last time we moved. I might be able to save the thing if we could get some of that good rain over here in the Southwest. Whew.


Tom said...


Photography is a hobby...or at least it was. I have cases of old slides from my more enthusiastic days. I still take a few shots beyond the typical family photos, but I don't give as much time or energy to it as I have in the past. Fortunately for me, one of my children seems to have caught the photo bug and I get to compound my enjoyment of photography with my joy in being her dad.