Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Brief update

Thanks for your prayers for my family and me the last week. We are still navigating the medical maze in seeking tests and consultations for my wife. She is doing well, able to be up and about her normal activities for the most part and has begun physical therapy for a nerve impingement in her leg. Please pray that the Lord will guide us as we continue to seek medical counsel.

A new blog has shown up in the blogosphere. The first several posts interact with Dr. Paige Patterson's recent article on alcoholic beverages. They are very insightful and worth reading. Check out the Concerned SBCer.

I have remained at home this week while the 24th annual Founders Conference is being held in Owasso, Oklahoma, hosted by Bethel Baptist Church. Joe Thorn preached the first message today and I have heard that it was tremendous. Joe has indicated that he will try to post some during the conference, so you might want to check out his redesigned blog for more information.


Spurgeon 2005 said...

Tom, I have been praying for Donna. Hope all goes well with her.


euroclydon said...


Nice words by the blogger. However, it is quite unfortunate that he is not confident enough in who he is and what position he holds to give us his name. After all of the fodder on this board about not hiding behind the "anonymous" tag when you post, I think it would be good form for you or him to let us know who is speaking.

I as well am praying for your wife-Jeremiah 29:11.

Jim Stewart

C. T. Lillies said...

I followed the link over there from Joe Thorn's site and wow. Anonymous or not the guy knows what he's talking about.

It seems I read something about mp3s of the Conference being available? I think I'd like to hear that sermon Joe preached on Psalm 51. I've always liked that one.

Still praying for you all.


ConcernedSBCer said...

Euroclydon wrote:

"... it is quite unfortunate that he is not confident enough in who he is and what position he holds to give us his name."

You're quite right here. It is unfortunate. You have spoken the truth more than you know, brother.


scripturesearcher said...

Beloved brother from Beaumont:

This is a reminder that many of us are praying for Donna - and you!

Having dealt with the same physical problem since August 1999
as a result of an automobile crash,
I can emphasize with your bride.

Romans 8:28

scripturesearcher said...


Empathize is the right word and correct spelling....

... a man my age should not do much blogging late at night or too early in the morning!

..."I can EMPATHIZE with your bride."

peter lumpkins said...

Dr. Ascol,

Not a little stir about alcohol in the SBC. Who'd a thunk it a few years ago:)

I have my own thoughts to be posted Mon www.sbctomorrow.com.

Hey, I even quoted you! Have a great weekend, my brother. With that, I am...


Mopheos said...


Glad to hear your dear wife is up and mending - we pray the Lord will be pleased to continue to strengthen and heal her.

I have been keeping up on the current status of the debate, and was sad to read that you will not be participating (although I can definitely understand why). What a sorry state of affairs, and a pointed illustration of the title of David Wells's 1993 book, "No Place For Truth," (which Dr. Mohler called "the bomb that exploded on the playground of the evangelicals." Little did he know...). Truth among some evangelicals is becoming stranger than fiction, and a place for truth is getting harder and harder to find.

With the latest emails from the brothers Caner, it is crystal clear that truth will very likely be the first casualty under the sword of parliamentary showmanship, and rhetorical sound-bites (a la Ergun's "Why I am Not Predestined...") will play to at least part of the audience's thirst for "theological blood" as the Drs. Caner deftly (if not disingenuously) employ the fine art of staccato bloviation in an effort to expose the malevolent virus Calvin unleashed upon an unsuspecting church. Sound and fury...

But I think (and pray) Dr. White will rise to the occasion, take it for what it is, and maybe turn the tables on those...those...those "troublers of Israel" ;~)

Grace to you,


Elias said...


How do you feel knowing that James will be taking on these guys by himself? Even though I would've like to see you along side him defending the Truth, I am looking forward to see James take on these guys with "half his brain tied behind his back."


John Minter said...

I continue to pray for you and Donna. Hope you can still make the aomin cruise.

DOGpreacher said...


We are continuing in our prayers for Donna.

Yes, Joe Thorn's message on Psalm 51 was GREAT! He was only 1/2 way through and I know that many (like myself) were being graced with repentance where we sat. I believe this was a message that people will still be remembering when we gather again next year @ Bethel.

The conference was great. You just gotta love Dr. Sam Waldron, and of course Dr. Nettles, and Dr. Malone are great & so easy to talk to. I was pleasantly surprised by Ray Ortlund Jr., having never heard him speak.

The folks (members) at Bethel were fantastic! I will look forward to going back next year