Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pray for Dr. Mohler

I just heard that Dr. Al Mohler had emergency eye surgery today at the Duke Medical complex. He has had eye difficulties for years and I do not know the nature of this procedure. He is still scheduled to speak at the pastors' conference on Monday. Read the entry at Thoughts and Adventures for the notice. Pray for our brother as he recuperates and seeks to fulfill his responsibilities this week at the SBC.

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Timmy said...

Thank you Tom for passing the word along. I have heard about his eye woes for a long time and how painful it has been for him. Even if this surgery proves to be a great success, Dr. Mohler will continue to need our prayers for the long haul.

Caddiechaplain said...

He not only had the eye surgery yesterday, but is scheduled to go back on Wednesday as well (per Danny Akin).

Don A. Elbourne Jr. said...

We will be praying for Dr. Mohler.

I wonder if its too late for James White to pinch hit for him in the Paige Patterson debate. >:)

David & Rose Ann said...

We pray for Dr. Mohler. The paradox being that our convention's clearest vision in recent (and we pray, future) SBC life has been through his eyes.

May the Lord grace us all with such pristine clarity.

Castusfumus said...

Is this not the second time that Bro. Al has been sovereignly hindered from attending the convention?

Charles said...

I have asked the Lord to heal him completely and also awaken him to the many problems at Southern Seminary.


Caddiechaplain said...

Hey, Charles,
Get the telephone poll out of your own eye before you start "tooth-picking." Oh, guess what? I looked up the word synical, and there you were pictured instead of a definition! Imagine that!

Curt Treece said...

Just got back from the morning sessions at the pastors conference. I was able to sit in on the 10:15 session with Drs. Mohler and Patterson. Both men were gracious to one another as you would certainly expect. Also predictable was the fact that the discussion was not so much focused on the doctrine of election as it was on all of the 5 points (particularly the ones where these men disagree). Patterson spent more time than Mohler did in drawing the distinctions. He said that he could not go for Dordtian Calvinism concerning irresistable grace (because it makes conversion coercive), limited atonement (because the scriptures are clear about the universality of the atonement), unconditional election (because scripture is equally clear that election is through forknowledge - though he did not define the term or explain what it is that God foreknows - people or faith). He cited several scriptures (the usual suspects of course) to support his views but did not spend any time dealing with the passages' contexts, though in his defense the forum hardly provided adequate time for that sort of thing anyway.

I thought Dr. Mohler did an excellent job of affirming the distinctly reformed position on the atonement, election and the effectual calling of God as the basis for doing evangelism in the context of a God who actually (not just potentially) saves.

I was also encouraged to hear the spirit of cooperation that they represent in the SBC between Calvinists and non-Calvinists as it pertains to missions.

It is clear that both of these men have a love for the lost and a desire to get the life giving message of Jesus Christ to all of creation.

Brian Hamrick said...

I too attended the conference. Dr. Mohler came in wearing sunglasses, but took them off to speak.

Dr. Mohler did an excellent job.

Dr. Patterson did very well also. My only major concern was even implying to be Calvinistic *could* mean a commitment to infant baptism (as if it is a package deal). Mohler refuted that point very firmly and soundly- saying we are categorized according to Calvin, but not accountable to him- but to the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

The tone was healthy for the convention. Anyone who went in there hating Calvinism and thinking it was a plague on the SBC was soundly refuted by both men. Notably, there seemed to be more vocal amens for Mohler's comments.

Both men were very gracious to each other. It was standing room only in a huge triple ballroom for the 9:00 session. I am sure God will use it for good among Southern Baptists.

I think I also had my first Tom Ascol sighting there from a distance. Noticably missing was his new hot tub, so I cannot confirm.

Timmy said...


The fact that in a post requesting prayer for Dr. Mohler you seek to correct him shows to what great lengths you will go to denounce godly people.

Let me draw a clear distinction here. Dr. Mohler has built his life and ministry on the gospel of Jesus Christ and in building up the bride of Christ. He has invested all his energy in encouraging and training young ministers to live and minister for the glory of God. The length and breadth of those who appreciate and are grateful to Dr. Mohler extends outside the SBC and the evangelical world to those who disagree with him.

On the other hand, Charles, you have built your reputation and blog on attacking people, slandering them publicly, and tearing down the bride of Christ. If you want to make it your prerogative to be known for this, then please do so on your blog. Out of respect for Tom, Dr. Mohler, and those who want to carry a Godward, edificatory discussion, please do not come over here with your accusations and false charges. Thank you.

GeneMBridges said...

I had transportation problems and could not make it this morning. I hope he is well. Speaking from experience in eye surgery in the recent past, I know he was "feeling it." I had to have emergency eye surgery a couple of years ago myself. It's not fun.

Scott said...


I have been praying for Dr. Mohler since I heard about this.Also, can anyone share an update on Dr. Patterson's view of Election at the Pastor's Conference break out session. Did his answer on Election match up with the Abstract of Principles of Southeastern where he once served as President. If not can anyone give me an answer why he was aloud to be President where he did not line up doctrinally ? Was there a question and answer time at the session with Dr. Mohler and Dr. Patterson ? Was that question asked to Dr. Patterson?

Charles said...

Timmy, Hello!

You wrote, Charles, you have built your reputation and blog on attacking people, slandering them publicly, and tearing down the bride of Christ.

If that's not the pot calling the kettle black! Timmy, did Dr. Parker teach you some comedy last week? SBTS Student said he saw you yakking it up.

You have spent a great deal of time on your "blog" trashing servants of Christ such as Jack Graham. You would not even be at Southern Seminary had it not been for Graham, Paige Patterson, Bailey Smith, and other servants of Christ that are trashed regularly on your blog and on this blog.

Timmy, I know it must be difficult to see the SBC waking up to the fact that your extreme/hyper/hybrid Calvinism is not welcome. That's no reason for you to trash God's servants. You should adopt a more loving attitude toward God's choice servants.

Timmy: Color him UNGRATEFUL.


GeneMBridges said...

That's no reason for you to trash God's servants. You should adopt a more loving attitude toward God's choice servants.

You do this with great regularity at the Calvinist Flyswatter, Charles. You say Timmy and we have trashed Jack Graham. Would that be the same Jack Graham that said all of this:

Calvinism is "elitist theology...arrogant theology.

Calvinists believe God only loves the elect.

Perverted theology.

Abuse of Scripture

Perversion of God's promises.

Slanders God's character.

All = all
(The exegesis here is ridiculous)

Prideful, elitist theology.

He never mentions that men go to hell, because of their sin. We believe that they go to hell because they have been predestined to go...but he never mentions that they do not go apart from their sins.


2 Peter 3:9..."any" /all...he forgets that "any" is delimited by "you/us" beforehand.

1 Tim. 2:3 -6..."all men" mention of context = all kinds of men

2 Cor. 5:15 "all" mention of the context of the "all" for whom Jesus died and who are the new creatures just 2 verses later.

^Zero, zip, nada, nunca exposition of what Calvinists say and his own exegesis of the text. He just reads them as if that's an argument. In doing this he utterly fails to articulate his own doctrine of election.

Mirror-reading...He says he's balanced but we're not...but he clearly isn't.

Accuses traditional Calvinists of believing in equal ultimacy.

Doesn't discuss the difference between common grace and love and redemptive grace and love.

Saving faith = making a decision.

Appeal to emotion...I can't honestly tell a child "God loves you and will save you if you ask Him."

"Blasphemy" (about 1/2way down)

John 3:16...Calvinists believe "world" = "the elect" in John 3:16

Calvinists are adding and subtracting from God's Word, a damnable error.

Calvinists are anti-missionary and evangelism. The exceptions are rare.

Calvinism kills evangelism. It is the "death sentence to missions and evangelism."

What about Bailey Smith? Would that be "Soul-A-Month Club" Bailey Smith? Wherw was Bailey Smith himself "attacked" inat discussion? That program was discontinued by his ministry after the bloggers began writing about it.

Paige Patterson? Where has anybody denigrated his character? We disagree with his theology, just as you disagree with ours.

Now, shall we talk about all the good men you have denigrated on your blog like James White? or Al Mohler? or me? or Mark Dever? Or how about your veiled attacks on Tom Ascol and this blog, which you left at Wade Burleson's blog earlier today? You speak out of both sides of your mouth.


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