Thursday, June 08, 2006

Odds and ends on the SBC in Greensboro

With the announcement of Jerry Sutton as a third candidate for the presidency of the SBC the interest, dialogue and speculation about how that election will go has greatly increased. Here are some good sources of information about it. Marty Duren has an interview with Sutton that helps compare his views on several specific issues with those of Frank Page (Ronnie Floyd declined such an interview with Tad Thompson, though his thoughts on some of the same matters can be found in BP reports). Marty also announces that he will live-blog the convention. Don Hinkle clarifies some misunderstandings that emerged from an AP story on Sutton.

In addition, Steve McCoy announces an informal gathering for missional folks and those who should be (which leaves me wondering who should not attend).

I look forward to meeting many of you at the Founders Breakfast and perhaps during the Pastors' Conference and convention itself. I should be easy to spot. I will be the one with the beautiful bride, or, as she is sometimes affectionately called, my "lovely wife." :-)


SBCTulip said...

So the Calvinist vote goes to Sutton...will Mohler retract his endorsement of Floyd?

Jeremy Roberts said...

sbctulip, Mohler will not retract his endorsement of Floyd.

Tom, we know you don't think the SBC Presidency is that big of a deal, but will you please offer your prediction of the SBC Presidential election?

Jeffro said...

Dr. Sutton said,

"The major question Arminius (incidentally, he considered himself a faithful Calvinist) raised was whether or not a man can say no to God. I think a person can say no. Otherwise, there would not be so many admonitions in Scripture to obey the Lord. I am thoroughly convinced that God gives grace and that no one comes to the Lord apart from God's grace. I hasten to say that I believe that the preaching of the Word of God is a means of that grace, sharing the Gospel is a means of grace, and that personal testimony can be a means of grace. At the same time, I believe that when God gives grace that it is critical for people to respond by faith. I believe that faith is always a response to grace, and I am constantly mindful of the admonition in Hebrews "Not to receive the grace of God in vain." I only believe that Calvinism could be dangerous to the Convention if it morphs into that hyper-Calvinism which I think was displayed by men like John Gill."

Though I definitely take issue with his theological view of grace and faith, I will not address it. However, historically would not the majority of the church in Arminius' day have considered themselves a Calvinist? Calvin was the greatest of the magisterial reformers at least theologically. But to say that Arminius considered himself a "faithful Calvinist" in this day and age is misleading. Though I believe Calvinism could be considered a worldview, the term "Calvinism" predominately represents a specific soteriology with which Arminius totally disagreed.

Furthermore, it seems that though Dr. Sutton may have studied Calvin and Arminius, he has not studied John Gill. Dr. Voluminous himself said,

"The ministry of the word is for the conversion of sinners; without which churches would not be increased nor supported, and must in course fail, and come to nothing; but the hand of the Lord being with his ministers, many in every age believe and turn to the Lord, and are added to the churches; by which means they are kept up and preserved: and hence it is necessary in the ministers of the word, to set forth the lost and miserable estate and condition of men by nature, the danger they are in, the necessity of regeneration and repentance, and of a better righteousness than their own, and of faith in Christ, which things are blessed for the turning of men from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God."

These don't sound like the words of a hyper-calvinist to me.

With that said, at this point I plan to vote for Sutton. That is unless someone nominates Tom Ascol.

Tom said...


It is interesting to see how all this is shaking out. I don't think any of the 3 will win on a first ballot. I think Floyd will be in the runoff and I guess Jerry Sutton will, too, by a slim margin. I think that it will be a close vote with Sutton squeaking it out.

The above opinion and $4.50 will get you a cup of double expresso at Starbucks.

Caddiechaplain said...

No doubles; this will require a triple! But I still want non-fat milk with that please. . . and a skoshish of whip cream . . . . please oh please oh pleaseeeeeeee?

SavedandSure said...

Paige Patterson wants Ronnie Floyd to be new president of the SBC. And he is accustomed to getting his way! Study the record.

If Floyd does not win the election in Greensboro, it will be a huge surprise to Paige Patterson, and many of us who know the political power and strategy of the SWBTS president.

Study the record ~ Paige does not like to lose and does not plan to see his man get defeated next week.

And Jerry Falwell is working hard for his trustee to win, too.

Caddiechaplain said...

I want to know if Jesus will win this year at the SBC?

GUNNY said...

Caddiechaplain said...

"I want to know if Jesus will win this year at the SBC?"

I guess He would have to be a write-in vote, since He's not even on the ballot.

But, hopefully, the cause of Christ will be advanced nonetheless. At least, I'm praying to that end.

Darel said...

I know this may be a spoiler for you, but Jesus has already won. I read the book. It's a really great ending.

For practice, complete this sentence -

"All things work together for..."

pastorleap said...

I'm voting Sutton. I'm also looking forward to the breakfast. I missed last year's because I got on a shuttle bus that took over 1 hour to get to convention center in Nashville. I'll drive this year.

I realize I'm relatively new around here, but I would appreciate it if some of you guys would check out my amateur attempt at posting comments at

I can use the constructive criticism.

See you in Greensboro!

MarieP said...

The Calvinism bashing has started!

Dick Lincoln is bashing Calvinism right now.

He said "I will not comment on election, I am not a theologian" and then he proceeds to say Paul didn't believe in the Calvinist view of election. He said that Paul saying "so that I might win more" meant that God's elect number can be added to.

He then called our view of election insidious.

This is AWFUL!

flawedcricket said...

What happened to the live blogging? As one who couldn't attend, I sure was looking foward to the live blogging. I guess we should have all pitched in and sent Challies!

shick said...

I don't know if anyone is still reading this 'old' of a blog post, but can anyone direct me to more information about the current 'missional' movement?

I'm a little concerned about it being that it seems to have ties with the "emergent conversation".