Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mark Dever at the Founders Breakfast

Quick notes on the breakfast(over 260 crowded into the limited space we had reserved):

I have never heard Mark Dever better. The Lord enabled him to speak with his characteristic clarity and passion and the text (Romans 9-10) was wonderfully explained and applied. He asked the question that many of us ask at various times in our evangelistic efforts: "Why isn't this person (or these people) saved?" We pray for them, we preach to them or talk to them about their need of Christ. We weep over them. Why aren't they saved?

3 answers from the text:

1. God has not saved them. Salvation is all of grace and the only way anyone gets saved is by God's sovereign power working graciously to save them.

2. They have not believed. Salvation is received by faith. And until a person believes, he will not be saved.

3. They have not heard. The gospel must be proclaimed for anyone to be saved. No one is saved apart from the gospel.

A CD will be available soon from Founders Ministries.


Ranger said...

Hey Tom,
Thanks for having this breakfast. I was not able to make it to Greensboro, but am still thankful for the great thing that you brought together. I look forward to ordering the CD in the future. Are you going to post your thoughts on the presidential election? I'm very interested to see what you think.

Jeremy Floyd said...

how soon can we expect that cd? can't wait to get it!!

SBCTulip said...

Too bad no one voted for him for VP...

chadwick said...

Dr. Ascol,

Isn't it amazing how 260 SBC Calvinists "having breakfast" can put so much fear in the "Denominational Machine's" heart to be labeled out & witch-hunted as the "cause of the SBC demise?" Contents of the breakfast: No Arminian-bashing pot shots, no political agendas. . .NO NO NO. . . just delicious scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, coffee, orange-juice, good fellowship, & a wonderful puritanical exposition & life application of Romans 9 & 10. This was by-far the best $10 I have spent at the SBC. I feel that, though the Calvinists have been witch-hunted all this week, via Dick Lincoln (with his open-theism. . .God surprised?), Ed Young Sr. (driving his Calvinist destroyer tank in the middle of the street. . . Oh, that is a flashback of Jr.), & Morris Chapman beating Calvinists over the head with his "predetermined" barbs, and to top it all off with "PREZ PAGE's" "Toppling the TULIP" book conveniently located on the LIFEWAY table,(in which I saw Dr. Dever irresistably pick up & purchase. . . .really. . . he tried to put it back down, but he couldn't & paid, I think, $14.99 for it. Now that is irresistible grace for sure.) Also, I irresistibly skimmed the book & saw (I just couldn't part with my $14 skins, therefore I resisted. . . purchasing Page's book),in 80 short pages, Page destroyed the 1000's of pages of Calvin's Institutes. . . . (Page's book was so thin that I could see my shoes as I examined it.) Nonetheless, NONE of ALL that witch-hunting rigamaro spoiled my breakfast & Biblical truth that I irresistibly devoured this morning! Thank you, Dr. Ascol!!!!!!

Saved by His Amazing Grace,
Chadwick Ivester

Brian R. Giaquinto said...

I, too, am thankful for the breakfast. I met a wonderful pastor with whom I plan to stay in touch. Oh, yeah, Mark was really great too :)

Tom, there was a motion referred to the Executive Committee yesterday. What does this mean: "to study the impact of Calvinism in SBC life"? How would they go about this, and what potential ramifications could it have?

Forgiven Sinner said...

He said in answer 2 "Salvation is received by faith."

So which comes first?, Regeneration or Faith?

preacher289 said...


Thanks for the breakfast. Without a doubt the best ten bucks I have spent in a while. After two days of agenda driven, shallow preaching at the Pastor's Conference, it was nice to hear such a refreshing exposition from Dr. Dever.

I try to limit my criticisms of others, but I do hope that the agenda being pushed by four of the six Pastor's Conf. preachers is not representative of future conferences.

If Dr. Dever would have given his expostion of Rom. 9 and 10 in the presence of 9,000, it may have settled some hostile waters...or would it?

John said...

Dear Forgiven Sinner, (good name!)

You asked which came first, regeneration or faith. That's a crucial question. The Arminian doctrine is that people are not so lost as to be unable to believe. But scripture teaches differently. We are dead in our sins. Not just sick needing medicine. We're corpses needing resurrection. We're not just drowning, needing to reach out to the life preserver. We're bobbing face down in the water, cold and lifeless. Only by a miracle can we be saved. To believe is to show life. Believing is the most lively thing we can do. So we can only believe if we've been regenerate. 1 John 5:1 makes this clear (especially in the original Greek). 'Everyone who believes has been regenerate.' (from memory.) A person dead in his sins can't muster up faith. He has to be regenerate (i.e. saved) first and then he's capable of believing and repenting.

Nitsuardo said...

Dr. Tom,
Sorry to be so late with this post, but I just found this blog after much searching.
I was delighted to attend the SBC/Founders breakfast and meet you for the first time (after years of reading the Journal)and the few emails we have exchanged.
And, after reading these post-convention blog-notes, I am more convinced than ever before that we need to 'pound' the Docrine of Imputation into the lexicon of ALL reformed Baptists!
The simple fact of Rom 4. over and over, Paul esplains that GOD Himself provides the faith, belief, and justification into the dead soul of the one being regenerated by 'Imputation'; just as surely as an archer 'imputes' an arrow into the target.
I repeat our many conversations on this subject because I have only recently seen the subject covered as well as your own treatis entitled 'The Doctrine of Imputation'. And may GOD Bless you for that.