Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Live-blogging the Founders Breakfast and SBC

No, not me! I can barely blog in slow-motion, pre-recorded mode. But Don Hinkle and Scott Lamb are professionals! They will be live-blogging the Pastors' Conference (including the breakout session on reaching today's world through differing views of election), Founders Breakfast and Southern Baptist Convention meeting next week from Greensboro. Their blog site, "Thoughts and Adventures," will carrying their posts.

I will go ahead and give you a sneak preview on the Founders Breakfast: I plan to eat bacon and eggs, and drink orange juice and coffee. That ought to save Don and Scott a little keyboard time!


hashbrown said...

Hear that?
That's the sound of me kicking myself for not getting my tickets sooner.

If anyone drops out, let me know.


Timmy said...


This is the second photo in a week you have posted on your blog. Is this an attempt at full disclosure?

Tom said...


I am just trying to follow the lead that you, Joe T and Steve M have taken in using photography effectively. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! (Seriously, I greatly appreciate each of your photos--very creative and artistic).

Byroniac said...

Dr. Tom Ascol:

I have been scrutinizing your breakfast image to the best of my ability. I'm particularly intrigued by the apparently double-stacked coffee cup. I don't know what this implies, so I'm not sure what to infer. I just can't help but wonder, based on the theological conversations I've read recently, whether the coffee was non-caffeinated, moderately to highly caffeinated, or hyper-caffeinated (if any of those terms are valid).

Deb Jones said...

Those are some funky looking eggs.

GUNNY said...

Not the most Atkins-friendly breakfast. But then again, perhaps we could make the Atkins diet a bit issue at the convention this to take some heat off the Calvinism issue.

Live blogging, eh? That really is a fascinating concept. So is the whole blogging concept.

Jonathan Edwards couldn't scrounge up some paper and now anyone can communicate to people all across the planet easily from a keyboard.

Can you imagine if Edwards would have had a blog? How sweet to get a miscellany or two each day. I'm not sure we'd get to know him as much as Tom discloses (e.g., breakfast), but something tells me that JE would have been a real power blogger.

Have fun and thanks for the tip on the live blogging!

Timmy said...

You know, I have been thinking about live-blogging and blogging in general as of late, especially since the exposure that bloggers have been receiving of late due to the SBC stuff. There are those who have discounted the idea that bloggers can have (or are having) a real impact. Greensboro, in my opinion, will speak to this to some degree I suppose. I don't want to make this an unsubstantiated embellishment, but do you think it is possible that 2006 could go down as the year of the SBC blogger?

Oh, and Tom, you are officially the photog emeritus of the Friday photo community (at least in my book). Now let's see some Friday photos!

Brian Hamrick said...

Is the picture shown of the actual Founders Breakfast? I was kind of hoping breakfast would be cooked fresh that morning....

Caddiechaplain said...

I would be happy to share my ticket and let you eat have of the breakfast pictured in this post. Wait a minute! That is half of the breakfast! Sorry dude!
No, seriously, you are welcome to join me on one chair. I have surfed tandom before, have you?

RefBaptDude said...

Will the pastors' conference be webcast?


Tom said...


OK. I am caught. I am a hyper-caffeinated java drinker. I was hoping you wouldn't see the second cup, but despite my attempted deceit, you caught me. Oh well, que sera, sera.


I have not heard if the pastors' conference will be webcasted. The Founders Breakfast will not. :-) But it will be recorded.

Jeff Richard Young said...

Dear Hash,

I'll sell you my Founders Breakfast ticket for $1,000. Deal?

Love in Christ,


MarieP said...

Dr. Ascol,

Did you see this on their blog?

"Went with DON and ALLEN to New Friendship Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. Before we left, we called the church and spoke with Pastor Chris Byrne who let us know that Dr. Mohler is/was to have emergency eye surgery at Duke University. Please pray for him. He is supposed to be able to keep the Monday AM appointment at the Pastor’s conference."