Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ronnie Floyd on his nomination at SBC President

Dr. Ronnie Floyd has recently posted a statement about his nomination to the SBC presidency. It is worth reading. Everyone who loves the SBC can affirm what he says about the distinction between being nominated and being elected, and between being nominated and "running" for an office. Certainly we should pray for Dr. Floyd and for the SBC. May God's will be done.

HT: Timmy Brister


ScriptureSearcher2 said...

And many of us are diligently praying......

jbuchanan said...

I wonder what would happen if we all spent as much time praying as we do blogging?

Jeff Jones said...

His statement about "if God wants it, Satan will oppose it fiercely," while true as far as it goes, may be misconstrued by those who back him.

It's certainly true that Satan will oppose the true work of God in the world. However, when it comes to events like this, where discussion and debate are a natural part of the process, that may not have been a wise choice of words.

Any sober-minded objections to his candidacy may be dismissed by his supporters as opposition to the Kingdom. I could see "BaptistFire"-type thinkers using this logic to excoriate people concerned with, say, the baptismal issue.

I don't believe that's what Dr. Floyd is attemting to set up. I do, however, wish he hadn't said that.

Timmy said...


Good word jbuchanan.

Not even sitting on pews could help us on that one.

hashbrown said...


If the two candidates were
1) Floyd

2) Burleson

Which way would this blogs readers go?

Greg B said...

Dear Joe:
Can't agree with you more.
Greg B.
From Powhatan

Mike Miller said...

I know I'm nobody, so my opinion doesn't make a difference, but I would love to see a policy stating that all nominations for officers have to be submitted at least 60 or 90 days before the convention. That way, everyone would have some time to learn about candidates. The way it is, if anyone is nominated from the floor, it is impossible for most of the messengers to know anything at all about the candidate. Doesn't really seem like much of a democratic process the way it is. Of course, we have time now to find out about Floyd, but if any opposition is mounted on election day, our options will be to vote for the frontrunner, someone we don't know, or no one at all. Sort of makes it hard to get motivated to attend (though I'll be there).

Do you think I'm off base?

Oh, and by the way, my statements in no way reflect how I feel about Dr. Floyd. I don't know enough yet to have an opinion. He might very well be the guy we need. I just think the process is flawed.

Brian Hamrick said...


I love the idea.

Is it too late to submit a resolution?

Or could this be brought up from the floor to effect future convention meetings?

Side note- Tom, how many have registered for the Founders breakfast?

Timmy said...

No, Mike, I think you are on target with the system being flawed. My thoughts are that it is their way to maintain the conservative resurgence without any real threat or opposition. I think the issue with bloggers is that information is being provided outside authorized mediums and news outlets. Blogging is the democratic voice which can be either heard or ignored. People might easily think that those who commented about Johnny Hunt running for president and the recent issue with Ronnie Floyd are just trying to pick out people's faults and criticize simply because they can. I tend to think differently--that those expressing their thoughts genuinely want to be involved in the process for the greater good of the convention . . . a process as you mentioned which is seriously flawed.

Granted, there are some comments which are unnecessary and not helpful for the discussion, but overall I see something happening when a bunch of "little men" with little influence come together and share a big concern and desire for SBC churches and their future. People can perceive what is happening any number of ways, but I hope those in leadership in the SBC sense that bloggers are not "doing the work of the devil" but seeking to be involved in their own way in the convention which they are committed to.

Mike Miller said...

Well, resoulutions are non-binding, and I have no idea the form a motion from the floor should take. It seems few others do, too since so many of them (motions) are ruled as procedurally out of order. I don't know what process would affect such change--or if said change can even be affected.

jbuchanan said...


I would vote for Floyd over Burleson.

It probably would be a good idea to have all nominations for President made 60 or 90 days before the convention.

Alex F said...

I wonder if the IMB trustees know that Floyd has a.... gulp... BLOG

BTW - you can hear Floyd's sermon at SBTS chapel last fall:


Tom said...


I do not have the numbers on the Founders Breakfast at the SBC. The last time I check the ticket sales were very brisk. I expect we will sell out again.

In The Battle said...

I am very concerned about the nature of the comments. While I am a Southern Baptist and proud of it; I feel that it is the very negative, mean spirited nonsense, some of you are posting, that has made the majoriy of your churches irrelevent to the world that is lost, dying and headed for a real place called Hell.

I personally know Ronnie Floyd. He walks with God and loves people. I have no idea why CP giving has anything to do with being the SBC president. Rather, I think a heart for Matthew 28:19-20 or the great commision, something actually found in the bible, should be more of an issue.

I love the CP, but you do not find it in the bible. One blogger, posted a comment about his church giving $60,000 out of $400,000 in a church running 175 on a good day. I think if he really does care about missions he would worry more about reaching people than comparing his giving to the CP to that of Ronnie's church. It absolutly can not be in the heart of God for this nonsense to happen and to treat another brother in Christ that way.

I pray that God will intervene and keep the conventin relevant to the next generation and more importantly to those who need to be reached. I believe Ronnie Floyd can and will be used of God to lead the SBC in that way if elected.

Pray with me.