Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ronnie Floyd accepts, then declines to be interviewed

Tad Thompson announced earlier that Dr. Ronnie Floyd had agreed to an interview to be published at the Total Truth blog. Then Pastor Thompson announced that Dr. Floyd changed his mind. The questions that were submitted were excellent. It's too bad they did not get addressed. In followup posts Thompson offers some insights on this development.


ScriptureSearcher2 said...

Basic honest truthfulness and the character to keep one's promises is a fundamental necessity of any and all who desire to become the president of the Southern Baptist Convention and the leader of this large denomination.

The fact that Ronnie promised to give you an exclusive blog interview and answer some of the questions you prepared and presented to him reveals a serious flaw and will keep many (maybe most) from voting for him in North Carolina next month.

Brad Graves said...

I disagree. I believe he will do well in NC. Leadership is more that debating. Dr. Floyd had just announced his acceptance when Tad asked. Has Tad followed up?

Serious flaw, I disagree. I would think twice about running into an onslaught of questions too.

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Tad Thompson said...

Brad - read my blog. I didnt ask for a debate. I called Dr. Floyd and asked if he would be willing to answer so issue oriented questions. He said yes, after know what types of questions would be asked, he said yes again, and then said no.

Its funny to me that people can't imagine that maybe he should have answered the questions after saying he would. I also find it quite funny that the questions were not just simply answered in a straight forward fashion.

SavedandSure said...

The bottom line for ALL of us is very simple:

When we make a promise, we should keep that promise.

To make promises to God, spouse, children, or others and then not keep our promise is a negative reflection on our character, integrity, and reputation.

Brad Graves said...


Hey, I have read you blog. And I did learn that you have followed up. (I had questioned if you had) My comment on debating was "overall" and not directed at your questions solely.

However, as you stated at one point. It is his decision to decline, withdraw, or engege an interview.

But I do think that his withdrawing his interview with you has been blown way out of propotion. He did one with BP and may do more (I honestly don't know). And it looks like he answered all your questions then. So was the bottom line for you to do the interview or to get answers?

However, there is a tone of respect in your writings for someone you disagree with, thanks for that. I can appreciate that.

jimbeaux said...

Many, many "archconservatives", myself included do not think Dr. Floyd is the best choice for SBC President. After all, we aren't looking for a "coach". Years ago I was a devoted watcher of his TV ministry, however, the egocentrism displayed in the last several years has really turned me off to him personally. Surely we can find a Godly man with appropriate humbleness of spirit for this position.