Sunday, May 21, 2006

Maybe the best $10 you will ever spend

G. Burch left this comment (completely off subject) on a previous thread:
Ten dollars to hear you speak at a breakfast? What's up with that? There's a guy (who will remain anonymous at this time) who is going to be in the room next to you wrestle his deacons in a cage match then give the spirtual application for only 8.99. I'm going to that one Tom!
Well, I have to agree that $10.00 to hear me speak would be a ripoff! But, I am not the speaker at the upcoming Founders Breakfast in Greensboro, NC. Mark Dever is and I assure you, he is worth every penny.

Mark is the pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC. He is also the author of numerous books and the founder of 9 Marks Ministry. On Tuesday morning, June 13, before the opening session of the Southern Baptist Convention, Mark will be speaking on "Election, the Gospel and Evangelism."

Granted, it's not quite a cage-wrestling match, and it does cost a tad bit more than $8.99, but you do get a breakfast thrown in with the deal. Besides, preachers wrestling with deacons is not all that unusual in the SBC. But how often do you get to hear an honest treatment of the biblical doctrine of election at one of our annual meetings? :-)

This is simply one more reason to make plans to be in Greensboro for the SBC. Tickets are available online, but only for a couple of more weeks.


Chuck said...

You don't think the comments about everyone being elect at last year's conference qualify?

Brian Hamrick said...

I've already spent the $10- and I can't wait.

But if you need an undercard, Tom, I'd be glad to sign up for the cage match and paint my face green.

David B. Hewitt said...

...will there be audio files available? (here's hoping!)

David Hewitt

Tom said...


Well, maybe if I hadn't used the words "honest" and "biblical." :-)


Bring the paint just in case!


We are hoping to get a good recording of the talk.

Darel said...

So, basically, $10 for breakfast and someone happens to also be speaking as well. Sounds good. I hope it's an awesome breakfast.

Not that I wouldn't spend money to hear Dever ( God is my witness how much of an impact his 9marks stuff has had on my life ), but sausage, bacon, eggs, and biscuits with coffee... that's worth $10 all by itself.

Pastor Kevin said...

If I don't eat the eggs, would my cost then only be $8.99? I am looking forward to this breakfast, and I greatly appreciate you thinking of your SBC brothers in coordinating this event!

Caddiechaplain said...

Breakfast with Dever will be almost as good as a chicken sandwich wrapped in green plastic wrap at the Master's!

Brian Hamrick said...


Don't worry-

the "Elect-o-cutioner" will be ready if Dever doesn't use all his time.

SavedandSure said...

An honest (and fair) treatment of the doctrine of ELECTION at one of our Southern Baptist meetings???


We have heard the opposite many, many, many, many, many times!!

CURIOUS: Do you know if Dr. Paige
Patterson will be in attendance???

Would anyone be greatly surprised if Jerry Falwell and the dean of his seminary (I think his name is Caner) came to learn the truth??

Caner's sermon at Falwell's church on May 28 is entitled WHY I AM PREDESTINED NOT TO BE A CALVINIST.

Maybe it's my lack of faith but I seriously doubt that these three men will be at the breakfast.

pastorleap said...


First off, I have 2 extra tickets to the breakfast already purchased that I will be willing to part with for $10 a piece. Anyone wanting them, email me at It will help me out to have someone take them. I had 2 attendees to the SBC back out after I bought them.

Also, I am interested in learning more about this new candidate for SBC pres. Will you be finding out more info about him for us? Also, I hope the same "hard-hitting" interview questions will be offered to him that were offered to and rejected by one of our posters here last week (can't remember who did it).

I can live with a conservative who respects Calvinists like myself and is willing to co-exist in our convention without maligning our convictions or accusing us of things untrue. He doesn't have to hold the exact same soteriology as me (though I surely wish all did!)if he is gracious enough to be receptive of Founders-friendly types. If however, his book (and by extension, his ministry) is chocked full of straw-men, exaggerations, and misrepresentations, then I will vote for neither he nor Floyd. I really feel that there is a rising desire among some of the Arminian-types of SB brethren who really want a show-down and want to see Calvinistic brethren beaten and pushed out of the SBC. Though his methodology be an improvement over Floyd's, if he is of this ilk, then I really do not see him as a viable alternative.

I look forward to learning more.

Awaiting Christ's return,

pastorleap said...

For clarity...

The interview questions I referenced were compiled BY one of our posters and offered TO (and rejected by) DR FLOYD.

My former post was not so clear.

Jeremy Roberts said...

The best $10 I ever spent was on a Jerry Falwell bobblehead doll at a Liberty football game :~)

kirksey_boy said...

Will there be an audio version available for download? It costs about $1000 for a round trip ticket home, a little too much for an SBC meeting. :)

Elnwood said...

The great irony is that at Dever's church in DC, they have a weekly 7am "theology breakfast," but with a catch -- no food! In Dever's words, "we break our fast of theology."

It's free, though.

GUNNY said...

If Tom's not speaking, is he the one making breakfast?

As one not able to go, I would pay the $10 just for the talk. Looking forwarding to the recording, Deo volente.