Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Listen to Today's Dividing Line at 2 PM Eastern Time

Dr. James White has invited me to be his guest on Today's Dividing Line. It is a webcast program that you can listen to live or later by accessing the archived file. The show allows for listeners to call and comment. The phone number is (602) 973-4602 (Metro Phoenix) and 1-877-753-3341 (Toll Free).
I don't know what we will talk about, since everything is so quiet and calm in my theological and ecclesiastical world. Maybe Dr. White wants to ask me about the superiority of Macs over PCs. :-) At any rate, it should be interesting.


Aaron L. Turner said...

From reading his past posts, and based upon the fact that He streams his program in Real Audio instead of Quick Time, it would appear to me that the good Dr. has not yet been enlightnend as to the superiority of Macs over PCs. I will pray for you brother, that you will have what it takes to show him the error of his ways.


Tom said...

Thanks, Aaron. It is good to know I have the support of a fellow Macite. Our PC brothers are not bad men, but until their eyes are opened to the superiority of Macism, you can't help but feel sorry for them. I am trying to figure out a way to sneak in the new Mac commercials into the radio show today (if you haven't seen them, you really must take a peek at apple.com; they are hilarious). Do you think it is possible for the guest to announce, "And now a word from my sponsor...?"

I love you, bro., and hope you are doing well!

Brian Hamrick said...

You can discuss the veracity of 5-point Macism. Maybe White is only a 2 or 3 pointer.

centuri0n said...

Pastor Ascol --

I knew I liked you for a reason. It was the smell of Mac on you.


Tom said...


I am afraid our brother James is less than a 2 point Mac. Since he recently purchased his little tablet PC thingy I am anticipating that he will be even more hardened against full-orbed macism.

Frank (Centuri0n):

Ah....I KNEW it! A fellow Macite! I am not surprised that you smelled it on me. No matter how many times I wash my hands each day, trying to cover it up, my fingers spend so much time on my Powerbook G4 keyboard that there is always a faint aroma that stays with me.

Maybe we will live long enough to see Macism spread and take over the SBC!

Benjamin Cripps said...

Well, I have finally found the Reformed Baptist Mac forum. It's about time. While you are all here, let me ask you a question. What Bible software are you using on your mac? Currently, I am using Bibleworks on Virtual PC, but am wondering if there is a better mac alternative. Have you used Accordance? Any others?

Have a great day!

In Christ,
Ben Cripps

robbro said...

After this arminian thing is settled for once in the debate maybe THEN we can debate the superiority of macs, we'll pray for James.

robbro said...

benjamin... logos is in development http://www.logos.com/mac and I've purchased http://www.accordancebible.com, though not its not compelling. MacSword is free http://www.macsword.com and works like free software. There are some excellent online bibles like the ESV http://www.esv.org and bible gateway http://www.biblegateway.com/

Hope that helps. I'm keeping an eye out for anything new.

Tom said...


I use Accordance and it totally rocks. It is a little pricey and the auto text paste has to be handled by a widget, but for Greek and Hebrew study, I have found it very useful. I started investigating it when DA Carson highly recommended it to me. Before that I had been happy with Online Bible. After years of using OB I became disillusioned with it by their repeated failures to upgrade it to OS X.

Last fall I saw a demo of Logos' new (native) Mac version. It was supposed to have been released by now, but it currently scheduled for this summer. It looks very impressive. The one feature that particularly made my mouth water is the copy and paste function. When you do that from any source (commentary, lexical aid, etc.) into your word processor, the program automatically footnotes the reference for you. Bye bye Turabian and Chicago Manual of Style!

I know that you are now languishing in a PC desert. Perhaps through patient, faithful witness Phil, Jim and the rest will come to turn from their PCism and fully embrace the technology of grace. If nothing else, may they at least be willing to let you install an airport so that you are no longer shut out of the network.

Aaron L. Turner said...

I am an Accordance man. I have really enjoyed using it. It is pretty pricey to get what you really need, but it is a great program.

Tom, I am doing well. Love you to bro! You are the one that opened my eyes to the vitrues of the Mac. And my brother, I have been faithful to make other Mac disciples. As a matter of fact I am taking one of my families this week to the Apple store in Jacksonville, and helping them throught the conversioin process.

Ben said...


I fear that White is predestined never to be a five-point Macist. If only he could come to realize that Macs are so simple, even dogs (and small children, the moral/intellectual equivalents of dogs) can figure out how to use them.

brad reynolds said...

We certainly agree on Macs. I have compassion for the blind eyes of both Dr. White and the Caners on this issue. I fear they are not part of the Elect.

Agreed about Accordance also!

Gordon said...

Now just what is the superiority of Big Macs over the P(olitically C(orrect) veggie burgers? Who'd thought it! All of the 6 Mac users in the world are Calvinist and turn up on the same blog on the same day. Wow! Surely, the Rapture must be just around the corner.

Tom said...

Ben and Brad:

Beleive it or not, Ergun Caner is a 5 point Macist (and I am sure would say "Amen" to Ben's parenthetical comment). Of course, as I have often said, I would much rather hang with and work with a happy PCer than an angry Macist.


Yes, we Macists are in the minority, but then again, truth has never been determined by popularity, has it? Furthermore, there is every evidence that Macism is growing. Just recently I was told that there are 2 new Apple Mac shops opening in our area. Furthermore, nearly every PCer is a Macite at heart when it comes to listening to music. Can you say, "ipod" or "itunes?"

Andrew said...

aha! Here is proof that that 5-point Macism is an "elitist technology" :-)

brad reynolds said...

I did not know he had converted - its been a long while since we have visited much. I'm glad to hear of his conversion.

And Macs are much easier, hence the wisdom of his conversion. To all PC'ers...it's not too late...there is hope for you...there's room at the Apple for you

Byroniac said...


I have been mostly a PCer for my life. At one time I owned an Apple eMac and loved the machine (but eventually backslid again into the world of PCs). Now, I am truly a minority here on this blog. Currently my machine is a dual-boot Windows XP and Red Hat Fedora Core 5 Linux. I spend almost all of my computing time in Linux. I am beginning to wonder what sort of computational heretic I am.

Pray for my soul. :-)

wisdomofthepages.com said...

I guess we shouldn't be surprised - an Aggies nut, a Mac fan... I suppose you still drink Diet Pepsi and listen to 8-tracks?

Bill0615 said...

As I have said time after time after time...I know entirely too much about computers ever to be comfortable using a Mac. My sweet wife and two teenage daughters, who are virtually computer illiterate, love the Mac Powerbook they use. I bought it for them because I simply don't have the time to make them computer literate and thus able to use (much less appreciate the sophistication of) a PC. It is fun to watch them laugh and grin and giggle as they play with the Mac. But perhaps one day...

Bill Ascol
Bethel Baptist Church
Owasso, OK
(I thought I would make full disclosure so as not to appear unethical. By the way, anyone who can read with comprehension should feel free to use any or all of the above post for any and every purpose.)

Calvinist Gadfly said...


I am committing apostasy this summer when I cross the Mac Tiber. I have been a PC user up to now, but I have seen the light!

I am waiting for the BookPro to come out(the MacBook Pro's version of the ibook). Also, that should be about the time, I hope, when Accordance comes out with their new version.

I think I will be the only Mac user who is an Operator in Dr.White's prosopologian channel. Let the Levean begin! hehe


Calvinist Gadfly said...

Arg! *leaven*

Byroniac said...

Wait a minute. I think I have figured out what brand of digital heresy I subscribe to. You have the PCers (Arminian, overconfidence in man's abilities to master computing), the Macists (Calvinists, often accused of elitism), and then you have people such as myself, the Linuxites/Linux-philes (Universalist, Linux runs on just about anything). See, all of you PCers and Macists are running around touting different brands of salvation, while we universalists simply say, install linux. It is the future. If you're not running Linux in this life, you will be. All peoples shall be assimilated! Err, redeemed. Yeah, that's it.

Calvinist Gadfly said...

Byroniac, lol

Someone here, maybe Tom or Centuri0n, should start a "Reformed Mac user" aggregator.

Chris Bonts said...
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Byroniac said...

calvinist gadfly,

Just out of curiosity, what made you switch? I personally like all three platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) but I keep hopping from one to the other. Mac hardware is kind of expensive, but it is truly a joy to use. On the other hand, I feel more in control on the Windows side. Linux, however, sometimes feels like it has a Martian origin with equally cryptic user manuals (RTM! Read The Manual! [but I did!! I need it interpreted into English!!!]). Linux has more of a learning cliff than a gradual, easily ascended sloping curve, but it's worth it. Knowledge is power, and all that.

Tom said...

Byroniac: You will find that those of us here at this blog are warm and welcoming of all types...even you linuxers!

Alan: I am delighted to hear of your conversion. Will you be posting pics of the ceremony?

My older brother Bill: It so sad to see you still out in the field, harboring such resentment, refusing to come inside to the feast and join with the celebration of your wife and daughters (to say nothing of your younger brother, sis-in-law, neices and nephew!). Watch for a carefully edited version of your post to appear soon: "I ... love the Mac Powerbook"

Wisdom: Believe it or not, I am sipping on a diet Pepsi (with lime) as I type--something I would not advise you to attempt at home with your PC, lest you become momentarily distracted and wind up gazing into the blue screen of death!

To all: You guys are ruining the reputation that we cold, hard, joyless, mean Calvinists have taken years to build! Stop it!

Byroniac said...

Dr. Tom Ascol:

This is completely an aside, but when I read your comment about drinking a Diet Pepsi, I thought you might be interested in this website, www.sweetpoison.com, which talks about aspartame/nutrasweet dangers. There is a dear elderly lady in a church where I used to be that had several memory problems (more than just age-related) who eventually traced her problem to aspartame. This is one of the reasons I started drinking the Diet Coke with Splenda. Although I cannot help but wonder if Splenda may prove even more dangerous. Perhaps forgetting all soft drinks and just drinking water like previous generations used to do is best?

Stuart said...

As I'm draining the last ounce of my own Diet Pepsi, I can't help but wonder how spiritually immature I must be...seeing as how I'm ambivalent about the whole Macist vs. PC-ian debate. That's "heavenly language" as far as I'm concerned, and we should be straining at gnats over operating systems when there is so much word processing yet to be done before Jesus returns.

Stuart said...

doh--that should have read "shouldn't be straining at gnats..."

Chris said...

I am a recent (6 months) convert to Mac (at home). I must endure 8 hours a day with a PC, then I get to go home to my iMac.

BTW, quick question about the Apple Family Plan software (such as iLife06, etc.). I know you're allowed to install the software on up to 5 computers. Do they all have to be owned by the same household? My father-in-law has a Mac. Can we "share" the software?

Tom said...


Thanks for your genuine concern. My wife and I just watched "Super Size Me" at the recommendation of a cardiologist friend. [Note: I am not recommending that you watch this without a filter--as in a Clearplay filter, which is a very nice machine, btw] It was actually very sobering. I plan to get off the diet drinks, but I will have to find an adequate substitute--I can't afford water! :-)

Brian Hamrick said...

I think 5 point Macism needs pure definition, since it can be poorly articulated by both sides- else you might move into Hyper-Macism (which I fear for our brother Tom, but I digress).

Help me develop the points here:

#1- Does not even own a Windows based PC

#2- Uses iTunes or an iPod

#3- Favorite commerical is the "1984" spiel with the sledgehammer

#4- Has converted at least 1 person to Macism in the past year.

#5- ????

Someone help me refine these. Particularly, from a Macist point of view- I'm only a 1 point Macist.

Calvinist Gadfly said...

Tom, thanks for the idea of posting pics of my soon to be first Mac.

byroniac, I am choosing to switch to Mac because it just seems to be a superior system over all: hardware and software. Not to mention that Accordance Bible software is amazing. Now if I can get Dr. White to take a "bite of the Apple" ;-)

SavedandSure said...

I do hope the rumor is untrue!

The story that's being circulated is that the Apple Mac owners are going to put forth an effort in North Carolina next month to get the Southern Baptist Convention to leave the Microsoft kingdom and use only Mac machines!

Proverb 17:22
Humor Helps!

Becca said...

I have nothing pithy or philosophical to say, but I will say this: Macs RULE!! I've spent most of the last two weeks editing videos with imovie, and it's pretty amazing! :-)
Oh, and hope you do well in your little radio thing-y in a few minutes Dad!! :-)

Chris Bonts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caddiechaplain said...

# "Perseverance of the Macist" - "he who maceth to the end shall be saved!"

Mopheos said...

You macabites will notice the PC crowd is not even bothering to answer you all according to your folly...either because their machines are locked up, or because they all know that the simple love to air their opinions. :+0 It is not incidental that Mac's are named after that forbidden fruit which falls from a "High place"...and we all know what the Scripture says about "high places"...heh heh heh

Caddiechaplain said...

Chris -
The software mentioned for Mac users is called "Accordance." No, it does not compare with Bibleworks. However, BibleWorks is coming out with a MAC version and Logos is coming out with it's Scholar's Library (Libronic) soon as well.

Broadstone said...


It was a pleasure to speak with you today on the Dividing Line. Thanks for responding to my question as to "Who are the hyper-calvinists that are such a threat to the SBC."

If such a threat exists, which I don't believe, then we ought to be leveling our guns against such an erroneous position...assuming such a threat exists. My thought is that a hyper-calvinist would never feel comfortable in the SBC to start with considering our emphasis in missions and evangelism. Which begs the question, what are you doing in the SBC, Tom, since you are hyper-calvinist...uh, oh, it is you, isn't it?

Thanks for discussing the history of SBC presidents, but I wanted to hear your thoughts on how much of a splintering issue Calvinism is. Will this doctrine lead to seperation?

The tenor of the Caner's, Adrian Rogers (in his day) and some of the assumptions which appear in comments by Johnny Hunt and Ronnie Floyd seem to indicate that they see "us" as a very real and dangerous threat to the life of the SBC. So again, will we end up splitting the SBC over this?

A pastor friend of mine, who loves the Caner brothers, thinks this issue will potentially destroy the SBC. So, when I hear him and the alarms of more well known SBC'ers I begin to wonder myself.

I am unconvinced that the upcoming debate will benefit the hearers. I think, from this debate, there are very few who will actually spend the time necessary studying the biblical texts in question or writings of solid reformed writers.

I cannot help but think of Mohler's concern over biblical illiteracy in the SBC. Two possibilities, I suppose: (1) the conversation will be lost on most who are curious and bombastic personalities will prevail, OR (2) the curious will have their interested primed to really study the Bible on this issue...thus, informing people accurately what is at stake in the debate and thereby making literate Christians as a result. I pray for the latter.

grace and peace,

Kelly D. Bridenstine

Russ Reaves said...

Though not a 5-point Macist, I do believe that one of the 5 points ought to be adherence to the creed articulated in an old Apple commercial that featured the vocal stylings of Richard Dreyfus:

Here's to the crazy ones.
The misfits.
The rebels.
The troublemakers.
The round pegs in the square holes.
The ones who see things differently.
They're not fond of rules.
And they have no respect for the status quo.
You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them,
disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them.
About the only thing you can't do is ignore them.
Because they change things.
They invent. They imagine. They heal.
They explore. They create. They inspire.
They push the human race forward.
Maybe they have to be crazy.
How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art? Or sit in silence and hear a song that's never been written? Or gaze at a red planet and see a laboratory on wheels?
We make tools for these kinds of people.
While some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Stephen A Morse said...

I would think that Mac users are those pragmatists who insist that whatever works smoothest and such is simply the best.
I would imagine that in the Mac world the road is wide and easy.
I would imagine that the Mac gate is wide.
BEWARE! The gate is narrow and the way is difficult and only PC users are on it!

I hope my Dell doesn't shut-down unexpectedly before I can post this comment!

That my friends.... is faith!

David & Rose Ann said...

Many of us have to use PCs to effectively interface with our workplaces. In fact, it is often mandated by our corporate IT departments (and for good reason—PCs are cheaper to purchase and maintain; also, many proprietary aps aren’t built to run on Macs). A buddy's solution was to purchase a PowerMac Pro and load Windows XP on it using Boot Camp. Now he has the best of both worlds: Mac creative power and the PC integration needed.

Scott Hill said...

You Mac guys should keep that to yourself and try hard to make sure no one joins you. If too many people start buying Macs Bill Gates will find some way to get a piece of it and then just screw it up like he did the PC.

My advice is keep it on the DL.

Perry McCall said...

I am sorry guys,

But I can't turn my affections toward a technology that will not allow me the freedom to enhance my computer skills. A computer that avails itself to the user with out requiring any effort or strong commitment on the part of the user simply doesn't allow for the user's personal growth and sense of freedom. I simple can not accept the existence of this "Virus" in our beloved Founder's Fellowship. Please, turn from this oppressive technology!!

GeneMBridges said...

Anybody that uses a Mac is following after men. Mac's is also a man's name..just like Calvin. James White's use of the pc shows he is a true biblicist. He doesn't need to use products with a man's name on them! :~p

Okay, seriously,

Kelly Bridebstine...good questions. I've addressed some of this today at Strangebaptist Fire. Timmy also touched on it yesterday. Go to www.strangebaptistfire.com.

Timmy said...

Yeah, what Gene said (shamelessly) :)

Jeremy Roberts said...

Dr. Ascol, as I write on my VAIO I am dreaming of my marriage four weeks from Saturday. Not only will I marry a beautiful Christian women, but she is also a mac-girl.

You may not be able to talk me into your opinion of some SBC Presidential election issues, but you have talked me into becoming a mac-man. Your Mac expertise has persuaded me to look forward to marrying into mac bliss. Thank you.

John Wootten said...

I used Macs all through grade school. I always hated them!

As Paul said in 1 Corinthians, "When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I started to use PC's."

Byroniac said...


With all due respect, you haven't tried the right Macs. ;)

(begin shameless plug)
Oh, by the way, have you tried Linux?
(end shameless plug)

P.S. I'm pretty sure there are Linux flavors for Macs too (and OS X, from what I understand, is BSD/Mach based)

Aaron L. Turner said...

Well well, It has been quite amazing to see what has been posted since my post this morning.

Just to let you all know, I got word that the new Mac Books were out today. I and one of the men in our church drove to Jax, purchased one, along with the new I Mac, and now we are getting it all set up. Another family converted to Mackdom!

Calvinist Gadfly said...


You have brought me glad tidings of joy!

I said earlier yesterday, "I am waiting for the BookPro [sic Mac Book] to come out(the MacBook Pro's version of the ibook).

No longer do I need to wait for Summer for my Mac apostasy...it's out already

I will be thrown into prosapologian purgatory for this one....

Calvinist Gadfly said...

*Drum roll*


Kim said...


Splenda is derived from chlorine. There is a good chance it is not a healthy substitute. :-)


Ben said...

Your Majesty,

Great job on yesterday's DL.

Tom said...


A very royal "thanks."

Byroniac said...

Thanks Kim. Sorry, but I'm a conspiracy nut. I can't help but wonder if everything is being set up just so bottled water by the truckload can be sold at exorbitant prices. Paying for water... imagine that. I mean, it falls out of the sky for free. But they took care of that with environmental pollution. Conspiracy, I tell you!

Byroniac said...

Dr. Ascol:

If you become king of the SBC, will we all have to convert to being Macites? Will a new edition called the BFMC (Baptist Faith & Mission & Computing, or similar) be released, requiring digital orthodoxy (Macism) as well?

Byroniac said...

Oh, I'm brain-dead today. I meant, Baptist Faith & Message & Computing.

Tom said...


In my kingdom I would never want to insist that everyone must be a full-orbed macite. I firmly believe that there is room for five, four, three, two and one point macites. Of course, hyper-macites must be banished or placed in dungeons with nothing but intel 8086 processors and dos operating systems. But, other than that, we would be warm and welcoming.

Byroniac said...


How are the new PowerBooks? This kind of makes me want to check into an iMac. I had an eMac, and it was a wonderful machine (all FIFTY pounds of it). If I ever do get another Mac, it will be a lighter beastie.

Aaron L. Turner said...


I have a 12 inch Power Book, that I have really enjoyed using. it is very light and very easy to manuver. There are times that I wish I had a little bigger screen, but I have learned how to do some things that make the most of the screen that I have.

It is especially nice when flying. I can simply drop it in the magazine pouch until after airborn, and then pull it out and use it.

However, you can no longer buy one like this, unless you find a store that has some left over.

The new ones are the Mac Books, or Mac Book pros. The smallest they come is a 13.3 inch screen. But they are extreemly nice. A very bright screen, built in ISIGHT cam.

I just spent about two hours setting one up for a graduating senior, whose family bought it for her.

I could have done it in about 10 minutes :)

"Come on in the water's fine!"

You will like the Mac World!

Byroniac said...

Dr. Ascol:

OK, I can't help myself. Just what exactly IS a hyper-Macist? I thought that a hyper-Macist was one that held to all five points of Macism, but upon further reflection, I'm not even sure what those are. Are they something like this?

T=Total Devotion. Man, in his natural state, is totally devoted to the PC platform, and must be enlightened.

U=Unconditional Selection. We can't figure out why some people become Macists, or how to tell beforehand.

L=Limited Availability. There's not a Mac store on every corner; consequently, everyone will not be redeemed. Fortunately, you can order online.

I=Irresistable Advertising. I'll give Apple that. None of the Mac elect will finally resist.

P=Preservation of the Data. Have you made your backups yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Do you have redundant backups? If not, get busy. If so, they're stale: start over. You can never have too many backups (Hint: you'll know you have almost enough backups, when you start having too many drink coaster CDs. DVDs hold more, and will stem the excess somewhat).

Well, I'm not sure I'm even a one-point Macist (though I know I should be). I have the belief that it IS possible to lose your data, despite your best intentions. And I believe you can have your data "saved" one minute and "lost" the next. Of course, I will argue endlessly from subjective personal experience and/or philosophy, but that's to be expected. In the meantime, I'm falling into the digital heresy known as Universal Operating System (aka Universalism for short) which says, "It runs on your hardware" and "Don't throw away your old machine" and "We have a binary for your platform."

Everyone is elect. They just don't know it yet.

Byroniac said...


Thanks. That sounds interesting. Of course, if I had my way, I'd buy one of the (still-future) Intel-based PowerMacs with everything extra thrown in but the kitchen sink (8? gigs of RAM, etc. etc.). Then I'd slap Virtual PC on there and run Windows XP and Linux as guest operating systems. I would be computationally empowered, financially broke, and rapturously happy. But seriously, Matthew 16:26 comes to mind. I have more than enough in Christ, and I don't want to gain everything in the world, at the loss of my soul or life.

Byroniac said...

I forgot about Apple Boot Camp. Perhaps I could dual-boot Windows XP and OS X on it.

David Lang said...

Wow, it's great to see such vibrant Mac enthusiasm. A member of the Christian Mac User's Group pointed me here and I've enjoyed the répartée.

I was surprised to see some posters compare Accordance negatively to some Windows Bible programs. It seems they've been listening to marketing hype rather than actually using the software. :-)

If you'll forgive the plug, you can find out more about Accordance at the Accordance web-site. I'm currently previewing the new features of version 7 on our blog. Hope this is helpful to some of you.

lee n. field said...

"Dr. Ascol, as I write on my VAIO I am dreaming of my marriage four weeks from Saturday. Not only will I marry a beautiful Christian women, but she is also a mac-girl."

But, but. . . how will the children be raised????

(FWIW, Debian Linux, my particular OS of choice, runs equally well on PeeCees and Macs.)

Castusfumus said...

My question: Do I have to walk down and aisle, be slain in the spirit, speak in tongues when coming out of an immersed baptism, or sign some kind of card to become a mac convert?
is this a predestainarian cult? Is repentance required?
Here I sit in sackcloth and ashes looking for softerware.

Tom said...


Your definition of 5 point Macism is pretty accurate. A hyper-macist, as everyone knows, is anyone who is more macite than I am. I have a PB G4, imac, isight, ipod and use airport at home and the office. Plus, I read MacWorld and we have 2 other macs in the family. So, naturally, to some I would look like a hyper-macite, but I consder myself simply a moderate macite. The hypers are more likely to travel several hours the first day that a new model becomes available just to purchase it.


I am glad to hear that you are outmarrying yourself. Did you sign a pledge to raise your children in macism?


Macism does not teach that any kind of crisis experience is needed for you to convert. However, many who have made the switch do often times speak of it in terms that almost sound like a second blessing experience.

Byroniac said...

Dr. Ascol, for some reason, I believe you. ;-)

choralc said...

5 point Macism???? Why so legalsictic? :) Why so limiting? There are other scriptural numbers. Perhaps there should be ten as for the ten commandments. Perhaps 40 as in the days of rain or Jesus in the wilderness. Wow, imagine that. Attaining all 40 points! There would be no doubt that you would have achieved techno salvation in the macdom. I have more Macs than Tom. Does that make greater in the macdom than he? I, too, was pointed to this site from someone in the CMUG list and have found much to enjoy and reflect on. Keep up the work, Tom.

Daviel D'Paz said...

I was an PC user before, but thanks to Dr. White's passion for Macism, I was totally changed and my own present devotion to Macism cannot be diminished with nothing.

Brother Tom, Keep going because we need to convince all the leaders in the SBC that is better to use Mac's instead of the obsolete PC's!!!

Pastor Daviel D'Paz
Tulsa, OK.