Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Praising God for answered prayer!

So much of what I write about here deals with principles and "big picture" issues that it is easy to neglect calling appropriate attention to matters that are personal and local. Yet, life is always lived personally and locally. Today I want to let you know about a situation that has been burdening the church I serve--and some other churches--as well as several families and individuals for the last 3 weeks. Specifically, I want to tell you about our great God's kindness and grace in hearing and answering the prayers of His people.

One of the families that our church sent out 7 years ago to preach Christ to an unreached Muslim people group has been under severe stress due to concerns raised by government officials about their work in the country. The family has been divided with the dad and oldest son in one city and the mom and other children in another several hours away. The dad was not allowed to leave and they were under the threat of being deported. As the days dragged on the cloud of uncertainty grew darker.

Yesterday the elders of our church called for the members to give today to prayer and fasting for this family and their ministry in Central Asia. We specifically asked the Lord to grant the father favor with the governmental officials and to allow the family to stay in the country to continue their work. We had planned to culminate these prayer efforts tonight in our congregational meeting. However, today at 2:49 PM EDT I received an email from the wife saying that her husband and son had received clearance from the government to join the rest of the family in the capitol city tomorrow night. Details are still sketchy, but the decision was made after long meetings today during the afternoon and evening (which is our morning and early afternoon). The family will not be deported.

So, tonight, instead of continued pleading with the Lord to resolve this situation we will unite to praise Him for moving graciously and powerfully in behalf of His people. There are still serious issues that they face but we will pray about them with thanksgiving and renewed faith in the light of God's gracious intervention in their behalf.


gracefellow said...

Though absent in body count me as present in spirit while thanking our Heavenly Father, for His kind intervention, in helping with this family's distress, in the service of the gospel of His Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ! That is really encouraging - the sort of news one likes to hear.


David B. Hewitt said...

Dr. Tom,
Allow me to attach an AMEN to when gracefellow has said. That is awesome; our God is truly amazing!

For God's Glory,
David Hewitt

art rogers said...

Praise the Lord. He is gracious and kind, full of mercy.

Timmy said...

Amen! Truly the king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it wherever he will (Prov. 21:1)! If the most self-determining rulers and leaders of this world are in the hand of the Lord, how much moreso are government officials! If we serve a faithful Father who will not let a sparrow fall to the ground apart from his permissive will, how much comfort there is for His children! Truly, because of Jesus we are worth so much more than sparrows!

What encouragement to pray! What reason to rejoice! Thanks Tom for sharing with us the marvellous working of our sovereign and gracious God. Truly, our lives are in his hands.

Darel said...

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

Thank God for his graciousness in heeding his people.

kirksey_boy said...

God is doing some great things around the world.

J.D. Rector said...

Tom: Thank you for sharing the news of God's great provision and answer to prayer! Our church fellowship has a young couple serving in a "closed" muslim country. We are asking the Father to call many more to the harvest field.

Rejoicing with you and your church! J.D. Rector

Keith said...

Thanks for the update. Our church (Bethel Baptist, Owasso OK) has been praying for this family over the past week. In fact, we were informed Wed. night of the answered prayers. Praise God for His amazing provision!

Ryan DeBarr said...

Thanks for the good word.

deusvult2 said...

Praise God! He's in control and when He wants something to happen, well, it happens. Tom, please keep us updated on missionary news like this.