Friday, April 14, 2006

An Incredible Opportunity: Cruise Alaska for $679.00

I announced earlier that Founders Ministries will sponsor an Alaskan Cruise in September. Today Mike O'Fallon, the dear friend and brother whose travel company is organizing this cruise, alerted me to a special deal that has made with the Holland of America cruise line. Though I don't understand all of the ins and outs of the deal, here is the bottom line: for the next two weeks he has access to cabins on the ship for only $679.

Even before this reduced price, Mike told me that ours is far and away the least expensive ministry cruise in Alaska this year. For comparison, the least expensive cabin on our cruise is over $500 cheaper than the ministry cruise whose prices are closest to us. That is a testimony to Mike's business acumen and his determination to help Founders sponsor this event as inexpensively as possible. The Alaskan coastal area is stunning in its beauty and will make a wonderful venue for a conference on "The Glory of God." Contact Mike at Sovereign Cruises for more information. The link underneath the banner in the right column will take you to his site.


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