Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Calvinist Virus

As some of you will recall, back in February, Dr. Ergun Caner commented on this blog that "Five-point Calvinism is a VIRUS. It saps the evangelism of every church it infects." In response to that diagnosis the Department of Arminian Insecurity was formed in order to monitor the threat of the spread of this virus. Unfortunately, I missed the announcement of its formation and was oblivious of its existence until Gene Bridges notified me. Included in the announcement is an outline of 6 crucial steps for detecting and treating this nefarious virus. This is essential reading for all who share Dr. Caner's concern.


Stephen A Morse said...

That is a great post!

D.J. Cimino said...

THanks for posting that... I needed a good laugh.

TSHusker said...

This is great! Now I know what I've been coming down with for the past 5 years or so. Before, I was healthy as a horse, but now . . I think the virus is growing. My tulip has 4 strong pedals, but I think the virus is causing the 5th to appear more and more each day. I don't think there's a cure. I don't think I want a "cure."

Again, great post! Blessings!

Doctrine Matters

Michael King said...

The trouble with a virus is that, if untreated,in can become a disease. The Calvinism virus is definitely communicable and infectious, and I think it is incurable. As the newly formed Department of Arminian Insecurity has noted, it spreads through Bible study. I believe the Department of Arminian Insecurity needs to start a branch dedicated to the treatment of this disease as well as the prevention and spread of the virus.

Thanks for making this information available to us. Much grace to you, Mike

jbuchanan said...

I not sure about the Calvinism bug but I did once suffer from the Rockin' pneumonia and the boggie woogie blues.