Friday, March 17, 2006

Lady Ambassadors in the finals!

With a tenacious defense and a fast break that would not quit, the Lady A's took another step toward the FCAA state championship in basketball.
The championship game is scheduled for 3:30 pm today. Since we will traveling home after the game, I may not be able to post the results till tomorow.


Becca said...

GOOOooooooo Lady Ambassadors!!!!!!! I am so pumped!!!

Pastor Steve said...

Yea Team! Congrats also for Ray scoring 31 points! Daddy may be too humble to post of his daughters scoring prowess, but an admirer from afar can.

Take State!

Keith said...

Great job Lady Ambassadors! Will ESPN or Fox Sports being doing the live coverage and post-game highlights?!

Scott said...


This is an obvious blog about bragging on the Coach. You want us to really believe that your coaching has gotten these girls into the finals however my sources tell me it's really the talent that has gotten these girls in the finals.I sound like I'm bragging on man( God's providence).

GeneMBridges said...

So, is this a prayer request that the Lord help the other team lose well?

I remember when I was in high school the youth pastor for the church that pastored our school actually prayed that prayer before a game.

Brian Hamrick said...

Someone cue the "One Shining Moment" music. I've got visions of Pastor Ascol being lifted on shoulders and getting doused with Gatorade.