Sunday, March 26, 2006

Greetings from Cluj, Romania

I have spent the last week in Romania and enjoyed the fellowship and hospitality of Bethel Baptist Church in Cluj. The fellowship with brothers and sisters, most of whom lived under the repressive regime of Communism that only ended in 1989, has been most encouraging. It has been refreshing and convicting to experience their devotion to Christ. They have their own peculiar challenges and problems just as we do, but I have been reminded of controlling the adjective is in American Christianity.

Pray for the advance of the Gospel in America, Romania and around the world. The Lord willing, I will be back home Monday night.


Becca said...

Hey Daddy! It's so good to hear from you! I'm glad you've had a good time, and I can't wait to see you tomorrow night!
I love you!

Jeremy said...


Great to hear about God's work in Romania. I have worked in Braila County on short-term missions over the past three years. It is so rewarding to see the faithfulness of those precious Christians.

Branton said...


I have gone on two short-term missions trips to the Transylvania region of Romania and have found the people there to be an incredible blessing and example of how great God's grace is in sustaining His people under severe persecution. When I was in Cluj, I stayed at the Hotel Sport and preached once in the Second Baptist Church there. I also spent some time up in the city of Baia Mare north of Cluj. Pastor Iosef Morcan lives there and is a dear Baptist pastor. Evangelist Jesse Powers from Charleston, SC is who I traveled with. He has adopted Romania and travelled there numerous times to minister to the saints since the revolution in '89. I'm sure the Baptists there are very familiar with his name.

Branton L. Burleson

Bill Moore said...

Our church has made several short term trips to Romania, also. The great sadness is to see so much of our American church pragmatism being exported to Romania.

Yet, it is encouraging to see the vibrancy of Romanian believers. They still experience great hardship, both financially and opposition from the Orthodox priests. We can learn much from them.