Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A little light on Calvin and Calvinism

In 1997 the late Dr. William Estep unfortunately published an article that was given the title, "Doctrines Lead to Dunghill." It was an attack on Calvinism. As editor of the Founders Journal, I dedicated a whole issue (Number 29) to responding to Dr. Estep. Among the articles included in that issue is an open letter from Dr. Roger Nicole. It is very much worth reading and sheds some helpful light on the ongoing discussion of Calvin and Calvinism provoked by Rev. McDuffie's article.


Scripture Searcher said...

Thomas, you are to be commended for your faithfulnes in speaking and writing the truth in love ~ and stimulating the ever growing segment of SBC pastors and other leaders to search the scriptures daily. (Acts 17:10-12)

You and Thomas Nettles (and a host of others including the president of the Southern Baptist Seminary) are so important to the theological reformation and spiritual revival occuring in the largest non-Roman Catholic denomination in the world.


GeneMBridges said...

Scripture Searcher,

I would like to take the opportunity to personally commend you, sir, for you are a constant source of encouragement to us younger folks (and, yes, that includes Tom :~) ). Nearly every time you post, you find a way to exhort us in some manner. Truly, you are a son of encouragement. May the Lord bless you and keep you and cause you to love Him and walk in His ways all the days of your life.

David W. Bailey said...

I have recently published the authorized biography of Roger Nicole, entitled Speaking the Truth in Love: The Life and Legacy of Roger Nicole. It is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or the publisher, Solid Ground Christian Books.