Wednesday, February 15, 2006

IMB trustees propose change in course in dealing with Burleson

The Florida Baptist Witness has just released a report that states that the Executive Committee of the IMB trustees are proposing that the full board withdraw their motion for the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Greensboro, NC to remove Wade Burleson from his duties as a trustee.

This is not surprising. It may be revealing. Read the story and note the reference to the role that blogs (informal weblogs--I guess that means they were written sans tuxedos) have played in this whole unfortunate affair. Now, I have not read blogs widely enough on this issue to know whether or not the charge that they disseminated "misinformation" is true. I do know that Burleson himself has asked to be shown where he has done so. To my knowledge, no such effort has been forthcoming.

I also find this sentence in the story very interesting:

"Since November, Burleson’s blog and several others have maintained frequent discussion of the issues. Many of the blogs include feedback from online readers rallying to the embattled trustee’s defense and calling for a large turnout at the annual meeting of the convention in Greensboro June 13-14 to vote against his proposed removal."

I stand by my original guess that Burleson's removal would have been voted down at the convention, had it come to the messengers. It looks like now we may never know.

This raises an ethical dilemma: Does Michael still owe me a dinner?


J.D. Rector said...

Oh my... who knows? Maybe the Apostle Paul could be appointed under new quidelines yet to be, further down the road. I was convinced the IMB Trustee leadership would move full-steam ahead with Burleson's removal. Sounds like I may have to come up with another alternative to raise money for missions besides the "KEEP WADE!" buttons to be sold at the Convention Session.

G. Alford said...

"Mark one up for the Home Team!" However the withdrawal of the motion to Remove Burleson just gives us the lead at halftime... the game is not over yet. Victory should not be celebrated until the New IMB policy is withdrawn.

Jimmy H said...

the president of the board says it was misinformation that messed this personal internal matter up. As a former seminary board member i guarantee you it was no information on the part of the IMB board that created the blogger feast. They were being roasted and got tired of the martyr's stand which they had so positioned themselves. It is good that trustee board's be in the SBC blogsphere. It's the let's get personal and fellowship way of the new millenium. Trustees get used to it. For the glory of God.

Sojourner said...

I find this statement troubling:

the committee determined the matter of disciplining a trustee could be handled internally.

Does this mean that they will discipline Wade Burelson without bringing it before the body at large?

Jimmy H said...
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Jimmy H said...

The next IMB board vote to go into executive closed session will keep us from knowing how this internal accountability/discipline will work. If they do not have policy for this type of brotherly love they can make it up as they go and shun him at the board table until policy is agreed upon. I suppose he will get cordial gentlemanly exhortation to stop blabbing,I mean blogging family secrets, I mean conversations. Bro. Wade is going under internal wraps for the good of the "brother/sisterhood". But will it be good for kingdom growth?

Michael Spencer said...


*Scrambling for someone to interpret the fine print*

GeneMBridges said...

LOL, Michael! Classic!---and quite correct, IMO.

I'd add that, the real icing on the cake on this is that, according to Wade's blog:

There is some sort of inaccuracy in the BP report and the Texan, where this seems to have originated, will be issuing a clarification tomorrow. Apparently, there is a variance with the official statement in 2 areas...the very ones with which Wade is most concerned.

Where's Rod Serling when you need him?

Pastor Kevin said...
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Pastor Kevin said...

I realize the following is somewhat off the subject, but it does pertain to the Convention and to a mission board (NAMB) though not the IMB.

Have you or anyone read the expose on the NAMB found in the Georgia Baptist newspaper? You can access it at EVERY CONCERNED SOUTHERN BAPTIST MUST READ THIS. I believe this just re-affirms that we as Southern Baptists need to reassess what our purpose is as cooperative members and how we need to go about achieving that purpose.

And I am very impressed that the editor of the Christian Index was willing to stress his concern by publishing the article.