Sunday, February 26, 2006

Founders Breakfast at the SBC--Hear Mark Dever

Here is yet another reason to attend the upcoming Southern Baptist Convention in Greensboro, NC this summer. Before the opening session, at 6:30 AM, Tuesday, June 13, the Founders Fellowship Breakfast will feature Dr. Mark Dever, pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC. He. will be speaking on "Election, the Gospel and Evangelism." In this talk he will address how his study of Scripture leads him to Calvinistic conclusions and the difference that makes in his life and ministry as a pastor:.

Mark is also the Executive Director of 9 Marks, a ministry that is committed to promoting church health. The tickets for the breakfast are on sale at for $10.00 and can only be purchased online.


David B. Hewitt said...

I'm going to have to come to this. :)
I already plan on being in Greensboro, and I'd love to be at this breakfast for sure. Meeting Dever, hearing him speak, and having the opportunity to meet many of the rest of you is certainly a wonderful thought!


Phillip M. Way said...
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G. Alford said...

I can’t wait to see everyone at the Convention in Greensboro this year!

O No… I forgot my small congregation spent so much on missions this year that we cannot afford to send messengers to the annual SBC convention this time. But not to worry, we (like all our missionaries on the field) fully intend to exercise our democratic rights to participate in the selection of our next SBC President by sending our absentee ballot in on time.

O No… I forgot this is the selection of the SBC President and not the selection of the President of the United States of America where every person gets a vote and every voice gets heard. O if only God had not called me to the mission field or to minister in such a small church! I guess my only option is to start sending out my resume’ and try and climb the church ladder of success…

Sojourner said...

Alford, don't be a weenie. Does your church allow people to send in absentee ballots at a business meeting? Somehow, I doubt it. Did your church really spend all its money on missions? If it is that important, save your own money to go. I do, and I am at a relatively small church. Incidentally, I will be at "Together for the Gospel" and not at the SBC Convention. I can't afford both.

G. Alford said...


Now that made me laugh… it has been quite a while since a brother called me a “weenie”. But I guess when you are guilty you are guilty…I may have to change my blog name to “The Calvinist Weenie”…

Thanks for the comment though, I think you proved my point perfectly with your admission that you are going to be at “Together for the Gospel” and not at the SBC Convention because you can’t afford both. I bet you the Mega-Churches (FBC Woodstock, etc) will have all their messengers at the SBC Convention this time ready to vote on the next SBC President. (Maybe Hunt will show up and have breakfast with Dever… that would be great! Probably not going to happen but it would be great!)

Now here is my point… Not only will a small church pastor NEVER, and I mean NEVER, be elected as President of the SBC; thousands of small, faithful, C.P. supporting churches are being disenfranchised by a process that discriminates between the have and the have-not’s within the Southern Baptist Convention. This process is in effect a “Poll Tax”… where if you cannot afford the Tax you cannot vote.

I know of many small churches in my association that have never in the many years of their existence sent messengers to the SBC Convention… I would like to find out if anyone has the numbers on just who is represented at these Conventions? How many messengers show up and vote from these Mega-Churches, from the Big-Churches, from Average-Churches, and from Small-Churches?

I am willing to bet that NO information on these numbers will be forth coming from the convention that ironically is so in love with numbers and statistics… And I am willing to bet that not very may people are willing to comment on this matter either. Why? Because they do not want everyone to know that the majority of Southern Baptist have absolutely no voice in the selection of the SBC President or any issue concerning our (or should I say their) convention.

I know I’m being a Weenie again… Hey, does that make me the “voice of one (Weenie) crying in the wilderness”?

Sojourner said...


It's Monday morning, you can act like a weenie if you want to. I'm trying to inject a little Monday Morning optimism and hope into the gloom which so often follows Sunday. You raise good questions about who is at the conventions and who isn't, but I'm afraid that some of these problems cannot be helped. I don't think absentee voting is the answer, and I believe if folks were more excited about the Convention, they'd find a way to be there.

The fact is, smaller churches vote with their money year end and year out. Also, I bet you'd be surprised at how many attend from "smaller" churches. The thousands who attend are certainly not all mega-church folks.

Finally, I believe that it is quite possible for a small church pastor to be elected as President of the Convention. (I also think that we would both agree that having a large or small church is not, in itself, vice or virtue.) Things can change. Your voice can still be heard.

G. Alford said...


You are probably right, its Monday and I am just being a weenie, and I am sure I would be surprised at how many attend from “smaller” churches. I guess I am not trying to make an issue of the whole mega-church small-church thing… I am trying to make a point that every Local Baptist Church (which I keep hearing these SBC leaders proclaim is the most important element of the Convention) should have its voice heard…

The current system may have worked when the SBC was a local denomination with all of its churches located in the good old south. But today Southern Baptist Churches are scattered across the face of the nation and around the world, and my point is that no matter what their financial or numerical size may be, or their geographical location, every local Baptist Church should be allowed equal opportunity to participate in the selection of its SBC leadership.

Can we really expect the Local SBC Churches in Africa or South America to send messengers, or for that matter even most SBC Churches in California to send messengers to a Convention which is being held in Greensboro? And when it is held in California do most Baptist Churches in Alabama send messengers?

All I am saying is that the denomination that has championed such movements as the voting and civil rights for women and minorities should to be able to do a better job of democracy when it comes to conducting its own affairs. I just hope that this rings true in the ears of others who feel that we Baptist (Arminian, Calvinist, Non-Affiliated) can do much better than this.

P.S. My Church did give 20% to missions last year… and I may just yet find a way to attend the convention in Greensboro… “With God all things are possible.”

Brian Hamrick said...

Is this going to be Dever's nomination speech to serve as our next President?


Count me in. Only 5 hour drive from here.

Paul Fries said...

I have been reading with interest the comments of alford and sojourner and would like to add my two cents worth concerning the SBC meeting.

The conservative resurgence in the SBC took place BECAUSE the small churches made it a point to attend, no matter the cost! To be honest when the controversy died away many quit going...if the current controversy (IMB Trustee) continues I believe you will once again see the small churches come out and vote.

Paul Fries said...

Dr. Ascol, I am a DOM and see first hand the fruit coming from the lack of disipline in our churches and it saddens me.

I met Jesus in 1974 in a SBC church and it wasn't until 1982, in a church in the Philippines, that I first encountered church disipline. There it was practiced and God blessed.

I also remember something Dr. Whitney told us in a seminary class about church discipline,I paraphrase, "don't implement it until the whole church is in agreement with it for it is church disipline not pastor/deacon discipline." Good advice.

It takes time, patience, good teaching and strength of character...oh yeah and a humble leader who authentically loves his people to make it work.

G. Alford said...

Hi Paul,

"The Aging Freezer"? Now that is a great blog name!

Great to see you here in the "Blog Zone"... Any chance you might know off hand how many churches in our association (yes everyone “The Aging Freezer” is my D.O.M.) are sending messengers to Greensboro this year?

centuri0n said...

With all the discussion of reformed theology, it makes me think there's going to be an unannounced breakout session called "free iced tea for reformed Baptists" in which you go in, but you don't come out.

I think it's all a ploy to roust the Reformed SBC'ers and "make an example of them" in order to get the troops all in line.

centuri0n said...

Pastor Brad:

You're going to TFG because you're a crypto-presbyterian. You can't fool me.

euroclydon said...

Better get your tix early for this one!! Mark Dever doing evangelism is about as probable as him ever getting elected SBC president.


centuri0n said...


I have no idea what you're talking about. Are you saying Dr. Dever doesn't conduct evangelism at his church? Or that he has never spoken on this subject?